New Perspectives of Ksheerabala Taila (oil): A Critical Review.


  • Dr. Jatinder Verma PG Scholar
  • Dr. Gopesh Mangal Department of Panchakarma,NIA, India.


Neurological disorder, Sesame oil, Sida cordifolia, Ksheerbala taila


Ksheerabala Taila is an important Sneha Kalpana (oil formulation) mentioned in Ayurveda texts prepared from Go-Ksheera (cow milk), Bala (Sida cordifolia) and Tila Taila (sesame oil). Cow's milk contains all the elements necessary for the growth and nutrition of bones, nerves, muscles and other tissues of the human body. Bala is a highly valuable drug in Ayurveda and is one amongst the three most utilized raw drugs. It is abundantly mentioned in Ayurveda and has been largely used in neurological as well as heart diseases and reported to possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory as well as hepato-protective activity. Tila Taila nourishes and strengthens all Dhatu, checks Dhatukshaya and thus alleviates Vata. The presence of Go-Ksheera, Bala and Tila Taila makes Ksheerabala Taila to pacify all the eighty chronic conditions of Vata origin (Vata Nanatamja Vikara)  such as Ardita (~facial paralysis), Katishula (~low back ache), Katigraha (~Gridhrasi, sciatica), Sandhigata Vata (~osteoarthritis), Greeva Hundana (~cervical spondylosis), cerebral palsy, Ardhangavata (~hemiplegia), Kampavata (~parkinson’s disease), convulsions and other neurological disorders. It is widely used oil in various Panchakarma therapies like Snehana, Kavala, Talam, Matra Basti, Nasya, Shirobasti and other methods of Moordhini Taila. Different methods of preparation are described in many texts and various studies have been done to compare the efficacy of Ksheerabala Taila. Pharmaceutico-Analytical study of Trividha Sneha Paka of Ksheerabala Taila shows Madhayama Paka Ksheerabala Taila having maximum therapeutic value.
The present article reviews different studies on Ksheerabala Taila with description of various methods of preparations mentioned in Ayurveda texts, its uses in different forms in diseases and probable scientific mode of action.




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