Treatment of Manyastambha (Torticollis) with Marma therapy: A Case Study.

  • Dr. Suresh Maharjan Health Directorate, Dhankuta, Province 1, Nepal.
Keywords: Amsa Marma, Marma therapy, Manyastambha, Torticollis


Marma are the vital points of our body that when injured may lead to death. There are 107 Marma points in our body. The form of treatment in which these points are manipulated to attain the desired health effect is known as Marma therapy. An acute case of neck pain and neck stiffness presented at Kayachikitsa OPD, Tribhuvan University Ayurveda Teaching Hospital (TUATH) was clinically diagnosed as Manyastambha (~Torticollis). During the clinical examination his neck was found turned to the right side and there was almost complete restriction of neck movement in any direction. The case was planned to be treated with Marma therapy mainly the manipulation of bilateral Amsamarma along with Snehana and Swedana. After the treatment of about twenty five minutes the patient regained the complete range of neck movement with slight pain at the extreme point of movement. After taking Kaishor Guggulu for 15 days, he got complete relief from the neck problem. Amsa Marma manipulation can be used to give instant relief from Manyastambha (~Torticollis) very effectively.

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