Scientific analysis on timely taking food in the purview of ‘Kalabhojanam Arogyakaranam’.


  • Dr. Disha Anil Raut Final Year PG scholar
  • Dr. Arti Department of Ayurveda Samhita And Maulika Siddhanta
  • Dr. Akhil C Department of Ayurveda Samhita and Maulik Siddhanta
  • Dr. Asit Kumar Panja Department of Ayurveda Samhita and Maulik Siddhanta


Ayurveda, Charaka Samhita, Ahara, Disease


Introduction: The main aims of Ayurveda are to protect the health of the healthy individual and to cure the diseased one. To achieve those aims dinacharya(daily regimens), ritucharya (seasonal regimens), various food habits and regimens for different diseases have been depicted in Ayurveda classics. Ahara is one of the main factors among these regimens. Sustenance of the body depends on ahara taken by us. Ahara is the essential factor for healthier and diseased persons. Ahara acts as a primary medicine for everyone also. Charaka Samhita, one of the major compendiums in Ayurveda, has categorically mentioned the need of timely food consumption for healthy life with a lucid statement ‘Kalabhojanam Arogyakaranam’ means taking timely food is best to keep the body healthy. 

Method: Focusing on the fact that our eating habits have an important role for causing most of the diseases in the present era, an effort has been made to analyse and review the above statement with respect to two kalas. i.e.  Kshanadi kala and vyadhi avastha kala, in this current article. Kshanadi kala includes day, night, month, season etc. In this article, administration of food in the jwara vyadhi according to its various avastha are explained. 

Result: We observed different opinions about different times of taking meals as per day time, seasonal variation, according to the hour, situation, lifestyle etc. including condition of the disease. In the context of various disease treatments, vyadhi-avastha kala (the time of taking food according to the condition of the disease) is mentioned which is elaborated in this review.  

Conclusion: There are many factors which depend on timely consumption of food including the physical and mental performances we do in daily life. Taking food at the appropriate time is the key to achieving a healthy life 




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