Outlining Ethno Veterinary Medicine with special reference to Pashu Ayurveda.


  • Dr Kavya Vasudev Assistant Professor


Pashu Ayurveda, Ethno Veterinary Practices


Introduction: Livestock plays an important role in the Indian economy. According to the latest census, cattle and buffalos account for more than 50% of the livestock population in India. Rapid socio economic and outward rural migrations and paucity of research on ethno veterinary uses of medicinal plants in treating livestock diseases undermines its relevance of the study. This study is conducted to explicate the concept of Ethno Veterinary Practices in treatment of animals using Ayurvedic formulations. 

Methods: A narrative review of Pashu Ayurveda is done using classical books, authoritative commentaries and other relevant books. 

Results: Different formulations such as combination of herbal medicines and herbo - mineral medicines which are being used in curing various compund ailments were found in various studies. Ethno veterinary practices are found to be successful in managing ulcers, reducing itching, removing vermines, managing mastitis in cattles. 

Conclusions: Ethno veterinary medicine is cost effective and also dynamic. Such remedies are accessible, easy to prepare and administer, at little or no cost at all to the farmer. There is a need for documentation, preservation and protection of ethno-veterinary practices and medicinal plant resources for future generations. 




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